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~ Bagno La Capannina regulations for the 2021 season 

All our customers and all our customers are equal and are entitled to the same treatment. Equality is to be understood as a prohibition of any discrimination and action that may harm the other, in compliance with the rules adapted in this regulation for the maintenance of a quiet coexistence in our (and your) bathing establishment.


1. The use of the services offered can only take place during the opening hours of the bathing establishment from 08:30 to 19:30 and is subject to the advance payment of the sums corresponding to the services requested, according to the rates set out in the price list displayed at the entrance. After 7:30 pm, access to the establishment and the use of beach furniture is not allowed.


2. The season ticket starts on 1 June 22 and ends on  September 4, 2022 . Days outside this period are to be considered extra and therefore to be agreed with the Management for the rate. The season pass is not transferable to third parties, even if they belong to the same family unit: the entry of other people than those who usually use the pass must be agreed with the Management.


3.The rental of beach equipment includes: use of the umbrella with storage table, two sunbeds (four plus a director in the case of the gazebo), use of the toilets, showers, foot washer and changing room, assistance service of the our staff, use of shaded areas, plastic beach beds on the shoreline, use of inflatables in the water and play areas for children, 15 minutes a day of pedal boats, canoes or sup.



4.The establishment carries out rescue and first aid activities in accordance with the provisions of the Municipal Regulations for the use of the State Property and the current Ordinance issued by the Harbor Master's Office (Ordinance No. 13 of 12.5.2021).


5. The guest who uses the rental of beach equipment and related services provided by the establishment declares at the time of booking or upon entering the establishment that he has read and accepted these regulations. The regulation is displayed on the bulletin board and on our website.


6. Refunds for both daily and season tickets cannot be made for any reason (bad weather, uncertainties, high tides, storm surges, etc.). If the manager decides that the conditions are favorable to a refund, it will be made by deducting the value of the VAT if it is not possible to cancel the invoice.

As regards the deposits paid for the online booking confirmation, a refund can be recognized only and exclusively if the cancellation of the booking occurs at least one week before the start of the scheduled stay.  In this case, the return will amount to the total amount sent as a deposit. Deposits will not be refunded for stays that have already begun.  


7. In case of availability and at the discretion of the beach staff, it is possible to change the reserved seat only by asking in advance in the direction. It is not possible to occupy positions other than those indicated by the manager, both for logistical and sanitary reasons.


8.  You cannot steal sunbeds from other places on the beach . The sunbeds must remain under their own place on the beach and above all not to invade the space of the neighboring place (keeping the distance of at least 1 meter).


9.Each umbrella on the beach can accommodate a maximum of four people (3 adults 1 child, 2 adults 2 children); it is therefore recommended not to exceed this presence. Each gazebo on the beach can accommodate a maximum of six people (4 adults 2 children, 3 adults 3 children).


10.For needs related to the activity of the Establishment, the staff can change the number of the reserved seat with another of equal value.


11.  The customer must use the equipment taking care not to damage it and promptly inform the staff of any malfunction of the same. Users may be required to pay compensation for any damage caused by incorrect use of the rental equipment.


12.The Management is not liable for any reason for objects and / or materials owned by the customer damaged or stolen within the concession; it is therefore recommended to never leave money, valuables in general, clothing, etc. unattended.


13. It is forbidden to place deckchairs, sun loungers, chairs, umbrellas, parasols, curtains and any other installation unrelated to the equipment of the establishment in the concession areas of the establishment. Furthermore, it is not allowed to lie on the ground with towels under the shadow spot (except in exceptional cases).


14. The customer must observe the provisions contained in these Regulations and any specific regulations for areas used for bathing pets that represent an integral part of it, in the Municipal Ordinances and the competent Harbor Master's Office. The documents are available at the entrance to the factory. In the establishment it is not possible to access the beach with pets (even if they have a leash or muzzle). Guide dogs or therapy dogs (with valid certification) are an exception.


15. Persons who behave incorrectly, improperly or in any case such as to cause disturbance to other customers, will be removed from the Establishment with any reservation of reporting to the Public Safety Authority and requesting any damage suffered. Furthermore, please note that this establishment does not in any way accept discrimination on the basis of racial, religious, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability.


16.The Management reserves the right not to accept bookings from individuals or families who in the past have had incorrect or harmful behavior towards the establishment and / or its customers.




17. On the beach, and consequently under the shadow point, smoking is not allowed (ordinance n.13 of 12.05.2021, Municipality of Piombino). However, electronic cigarettes are an exception, and you can smoke them anywhere on the beach.


18. The plant has activated a water waste regulation system with the use of chip keys that allow the use of showers and foot washers in a controlled manner. In this sense, a conscious use of this service is strongly requested.


19. Separate collection is carried out : therefore, customers are requested to respect the correct bins (UNDIFFERENTIATED; PLASTIC and METALS, PAPER and CARDBOARD, GLASS). It is strictly forbidden to throw litter on the beach or leave it under an umbrella. The management may decide not to welcome more customers who have not respected the cleanliness of the beach on previous occasions.


20. Failure to comply with the rules of this Regulation will result in the transgressor being removed from the establishment.


21. For anything not foreseen, please refer to the current provisions on COVID19.


22. It is agreed by express agreement that failure to comply with even one of the conditions required in this regulation entitles the manager of the establishment to withdraw from the provision of services, with consequent loss for the customer of the sums paid for this purpose.

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